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Anonymous asked: My best friend just joined my cheer team I thought it was going to be super fun but then everyone started calling her a natural. Even though she never cheered before. She would tell me she wanted to do this with me forever. Then the coach told us to switch in and out flying in a stunt Then one say the coach told me to front spot. And it stayed like that. Now I'm. Front spot and my best friend took my spot. Even though started late. I want my spot back! But the coach hates me. What should I do?

Honestly..I think you need to act more mature about the situation. You should act jealous or mad about your best friend getting the spot.

Anonymous asked: I'm going to be a senior in september and I tried out for my school's team and I made jv. I want to be moved up to varsity and I will work hard this summer to be on that level. Do you think it's a good idea to ask to move up?

You will probably need to prove it to the coach.

Anonymous asked: Hey I seen you were interested in giving people advice! Well I kinda have a crush on this guy I m team :(

You have a crush on a guy that is on your cheering team…?

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These uniforms <3
moleson asked: Hello! :) Im trying out for my high school's cheer team this year! I didn't make it last year. :/ (I have improved greatly since then), so I already know the dance, cheer, and sideline that we'll be judged on. I stretch everyday for about an hour and practice my jumps, so I'm a lot more flexible now. I was wondering if you have any advice for me that you think will best help me? :) Thanks! <3

Practice the sideline cheer, the dance and the actually cheer in front of a mirror and don’t forget to be happy and to smile! Good luck!

kelly5sos asked: I want to tryout for jv cheer next year i've done gymnastics before but is their any advice you can give me on my motions and making sure their tight and sharp

Your goal should be Varsity! Practice your motions in front of a mirror! Good luck!

endless--ly asked: Tryout tips please! I have 16 days and I'm kinda nervous (:

Practice everything you know, jumps, motions, moves, flexibility, everything.

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Anonymous asked: Hi, I need advice on how to perfect my scorpion & needle. any advice on stretches or exercises that will help? thanks in advance! - & I love your blog btw (:

Thank you! Really all you can do is stretch every day. Practice makes perfect

hakuna-matata-06 asked: Sorry about asking alot of questions.. But am I the only one who gets EXTREMELY frustrated when I cant pull off a stunt?

It might not be you, it could be your bases, but as a flyer you need to make sure that you are staying as tight as you can and pull your own wait. I used to get very annoyed with my flyer because she wouldn’t do any of those things.

hakuna-matata-06 asked: Hii :) do you have ANY advice on how to improve my flexibility? I know im more flexible.. i just need ways to imporve it?

Honestly, all you can do is keep stretching

Anonymous asked: do you have any advise for me because i'm about to start cheering for the 1st time

Know all of the basics, like jumps, move, and stunts. I would recommend taking a tumbling class as well.

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